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Angela Argentati

Soylent Yellow is Peeps! and other Easter confections

Of all the holidays, it seems that we revel in Easter’s confectionery bounty the most. Cadbury Creme Eggs, Peeps and jelly beans nestled atop lavender grass elicit far m ore unadulterated excitement than say candy corn or conversation hearts. One might make the case that the sweet fare of Halloween and Valentine’s Day finds nobler [...]

PREAMBLE: We the people of Denver, Colorado (and the metro-area suburbs, from which our homogenized city is indistinguishable) pledge allegiance to Leisure, to God and to our SUVs. This official document sets forth the tenets by which we shall collectively conduct ourselves to promote a just and peaceful existence in this, our Republic. Herein, “God” [...]

Loitering in the valley of unemployment

If I am subject to any more carping about our nation’s unemployment problem, my eyes might permanently glaze over, zombie-like. Fourteen million Americans struggle in the throes of joblessness according to NPR’s Michele Norris, who quoted this figure during All Things Considered earlier this week. I’m not sure about you, but I tend to avoid [...]