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Forecast: A Contrary Summer

By Kenna Takahashi, Perfecto via flickr

The Summer Contrary is published and we have an early deadline for Autumn. The details:

“Vaucluse” by Laura Elizabeth Woollett is one of the finest pieces of very short fiction we’ve ever received. Laura Elizabeth Woollett is an undergraduate student and writer from Melbourne, Australia. Set your sidereal drive on her now and watch her star rise. Like this:

We first published Karina Borowicz long ago when Contrary was young and Karina was just beginning to discover her talent for poetry. Then we took separate paths, poet and journal, and in the gap of years, Karina became a prize-winning poet with a forthcoming book, and we sustained a bit of growth of our own. This summer, we grow together again, with Two New Poems by Karina Borowicz.

We also have:

Our Autumn deadline is Aug 1. Contrary Magazine accepts submissions only through this form. Let’ s read each other.