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Tasha Cotter

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When I moved back to Kentucky I gave up the city life, moving six hours away from Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood and my local Starbucks to a land of green pastures, black barns, and large homes nestled against picturesque rolling hills. Gone is my tiny apartment that was not unlike Sandra Cisneros’s own small cramped place [...]

A Book I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Rusty Morrison’s second collection of poems, the true keeps calm biding its story, is one of the most exciting collections of poems I’ve recently come across. On entering the collection one feels submerged in an immense, ineffable loss. The poet takes the loss on like a master, utilizing the structure of the telegram to send [...]

If You Like… You Might Like…

If you love discovering new poets like I do, then surely you’re familiar with that rush of excitement that often comes with finding a new poet whose work you really enjoy. It’s often said that you don’t find the poem, the poem finds you. Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work and found a variety of [...]

Five (literary) hidden treasures on the web

It’s easy to get lost in the massive amount of material on the web. If yo u’re anything like me, you like to find sites that offer you something to read for quick little snatches of time — five minutes here, ten minutes there. The thing is, it took me a long time to find [...]

The superstitious writer

On the morn ing of February 17th, 2011 I opened my laptop to resume work on a young adult novel that had been kicking my butt for weeks. But now there was a new development that I was certain would put new kinks in an already complicated and increasingly intricate story: I was back in [...]