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Leah Welborn

Buying Rolos from Eliza Doolittle

Looking back on my life as if it were a road, I can see that I’ve built little memory temples all along the way; I’ve fetishized moments that might have seemed insignificant to an observer, but that somehow signified everything to me. I was reminded of one of those moments when I watched My Fair [...]

For the love of dog

“Religion i s a smile on a dog.” So says the sage Edie Brickell in her masterpiece, “What I Am”. I was a teenager when the song came out, and I’d yet to love a dog, so the line meant nothing to me. But 23 years and one very good boy later, I think of [...]

A Contrary girl

If you click the tab up there that says “On the Contrary,” you’ll find an interesting rubric, something of a Contrary mission statement. It reads, in part: “we insist that all of our content is contrary. And, we insist, so is all of yours.” I don’t know about you, but when I read those words, [...]