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Frances Badgett

Review: In The House Upon The Dirt…

In The House Upon The Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell Soho Press 2013 Matt Bell’s In The House lingers, even as you finish it and walk away. It collects and gathers like a storm, and explodes into wild proportions. It is a painful novel, full of effort and blood. The [...]

“This is the part where you realize/every broken window is a part of you.” Frances Badgett: You start off with the ekphrasis of children’s drawings in wartime and move into the personal—the structure lends the book a feeling of deepening connection. I can’t remember seeing that kind of a structure in a collection before—were the [...]

What We Honestly Think

Fortunately, the conversation around the VIDA Count continues online  and because it’s a conversation by and about writing and literature, it’s a lively and intelligent conversation being held by some of the great minds working in literature today. Yay Facebook! This is what awareness feels like. Unfortunately, awareness also brings some lint along with the [...]


In 2009, VIDA started a conversation about the visibility of women in publishing. For the past three years, VIDA has published lovely, useful, but seriously depressing pie charts on the ratio of female to male writers, reviewers, reviewed authors, and bylines from many of the big literary publications: Boston Review, Granta, Harper’s, London Review of [...]