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Fourteen New Poems, Four New Stories For Spring

Janet McNallyJanet McNally’s poems captivated us—viscerally—from the first lines, not just the imagery, but the sounds: “kick past coral,” “conch shells,” “plate glass.” As we read on, we entered a web of thematic strings that tie the poems together: flower petals, pomegranates, rubies, shades of red, myth, and fairy tale. These poems are so beautifully interwoven, we knew we had to share them as a group. ~ Poetry Editor Shaindel Beers

And then we found sets of interwoven poems by Janlori Goldman and Danielle Beazer Dubrowski. Fresh stories by Richard Farrell, Sayantani Dasgupta, Lana Bella, and Contrary regular contributor Edward Mc Whinney.

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