If you have a story to tell, just tell it

by David Alm November 8, 2013

A confession: I rarely write if I’m not getting paid for it. So I was humbled earlier this week to attend a reading by a woman I’d never heard of before, but who has built a following that any writer would covet. In the basement of a small independent bookstore in Brooklyn, at least 100 […]

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If you’re not getting paid, should you still publish?

by David Alm March 25, 2013

Getting published has never been a bigger deal than it is now. I’m not talking about getting “published” online; I’m talking about an actual magazine or journal deeming your work worthy enough to spend time and money committing it to the printed page. This has never been easy, exactly, but now that print outlets are […]

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Criticism for sale, critical thought be damned

by David Alm August 31, 2012

Not long ago, a middle-aged man made a great deal of money by selling book reviews directly to authors and publishers. He realized that — surprise! — people like it when you say nice things about them, and in many cases, are willing to pay for it. So he started a business writing positive book […]

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Dylan/Pynchon, and the choice to go electric

by David Alm June 22, 2012

Remember the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, when Bob Dylan blew the eardrums of his die-hard fans by plugging in his electric guitar? Of course not; you weren’t alive — or if you were, you probably weren’t listening to Bob Dylan (yet). In that now-legendary move, Dylan began a decades-long career defined by chronic self-reinvention. And […]

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David Carr on Atavist, good as gold

by David Alm May 22, 2012

Leave it to David Carr to let us know what’s what. Yesterday’s New York Times featured a classic Carr piece (no pun intended, honestly) about Atavist, a new Web-publishing platform that allows publishers to “seamlessly weave together their text, video, audio, photos, maps, interactive graphics, and timelines” in a multimedia “environment.” Atavist also produces its […]

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Getting paid in links

by David Alm December 28, 2011

You can call it narcissistic, but sometimes I Google myself. Who doesn’t? If you’ve done anything in the public eye — writing, especially — you’re bound to show up in unexpected places on the Web. When I Google my own name, it’s simply to find those places. And each time I do this, I find […]

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Amanda Knox, Writer

by David Alm December 13, 2011

She was ensnared in a draconian justice system for more than four years. She endured a humiliating trial and conviction for murder, and was then locked in an Italian prison while legal experts, journalists, and countless others rallied either to defend or condemn her. When Amanda Knox was finally exonerated for the murder of her […]

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Glamorous repression: a review of an unpublished review

by Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein July 19, 2011

As long as I didn’t yell fire in a crowded theatre, I could pretty much say anything I wanted. That’s the democracy lesson I got when I was in middle school in the Midwest of the United States. Our teacher also assigned somewhat eerie post-colonial exercises like making up our own islands and then conspiring […]

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This won’t take but a minute, honey

by Cynthia Newberry Martin May 25, 2011

If you haven’t visited the Harvard Book Store, take a minute and pop over there. Watch the shutters open and the store come to life. See what books fill their front windows. Click for a close-up; double click to look inside a book. With your mouse, you can zoom in or out. Amble to the […]

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Over the ‘Transom’ comes a new journal

by Contrary Magazine April 4, 2011

The dazzling poet Kiki Petrosino, who sent Contrary a series of gorgeous conversations between Dante and God (installments one, two and three), has launched a new journal, Transom, with her friend and fellow poet Dan Rosenberg. Petrosino teaches at the University of Louisville, Rosenberg is a PhD student at the University of Georgia, and some years […]

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Sullivan to join the Daily Beast

by David Alm March 1, 2011

Andrew Sullivan, one of the more sought-out bloggers in the great big blogosphere, is leaving his prestigious post at the Atlantic online to write for the Daily Beast. Launched by Tina Brown in 2008 as an alternative to the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast has since become not just a juggernaut of the Web, but an […]

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